Sunday, 28th Feb, 2021

Covid surge causes municipality delay of NCF8, new date March 27th

Due to the recent surge in COVID 19 cases in the Brazilian State of Parana there has been a new decree from the municipality which has forced the postponement of NCF8, which was originally scheduled to take place on March 6th, will now take place on March 27th provided the current procedures lead to a decrease in new infections of COVID-19

It is the ultimate concern of Nacão Cyborg Fights that our athletes are able to train, and compete with their safety in mind and with the current rules in place by the municipality we have to understand these are unique times we are currently living in which has caused us to reschedule the event at a date local officials feel comfortable for us to target.

We are hopeful that we can keep the fight card intact in preparation to the March 27th fight card and those fights will be our priority for the rescheduled event. We look forward to a strong NCF8 fight card as the Semi finals of the Road to Bellator MMA Grand Prix will continue on that fight card in addition to several showcase bouts guaranteed to bring action.

March 27th watch the fight card live here on NCFights.Com

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